About us

About CMPA

The Croatian Meeting Professionals Association (CMPA) is a non-profit organisation founded in 2011, and is the premier professional association for meetings, incentives and events organisers in Croatia.

Our association is committed to raising standards of service among its members and other sectors of the industry by means of continuing education and interaction with other professionals.

CMPA works closely with Croatian National Tourist Board, Croatian Convention & Incentive Bureau, Croatian Association of Travel Agents in developing Croatia into an international meetings and events destination.
CMPA has established two quality signs – for its Full Members and Associate Members.

Mission Statement

CMPA’s mission is to develop and enhance the professional status of meeting and event organisers and increase the recognition given to its members and to CMPA as the leading representatives of the profession in Croatia.

Strategic Aims

CMPA’s strategic aims are to:

  • position CMPA as the leading body representing the interests of professionals in meetings and events industry and increase its profile and recognition
  • constantly develop and enhance the benefits it provides to CMPA members by creating opportunities for networking and by encouraging its members to achieve the highest possible standard of excellence
  • raise standards of professionalism across the meetings and events industry through the provision of education, training and personal development opportunities
  • increase the volume and value of business won by members through a range of marketing activities

Management of CMPA

While the supreme governing body is the General Assembly, the CMPA is managed by the Executive Committee, the President, Vice-Presidents and Secretary General.

The EC members are:
– Ranko Filipovic, President
– Goran Pavlovic, Vice-President
– Debora Petrovic, Vice-President
– Slaven Reljic, Secretary
– Pavle Marković, Board Member

The Ethical Committee members are (in alphabetical order):
– Erna Dilberovic
– Margarita Maruskic Kulas
– Dubravka Stengl
– Tomislav Vuksanovic
– Alijana Vuksic

The Advisory Committee members are (in alphabetical order):
– Rob Davidson
– Gary Grimmer
– Paul Kennedy
– Linda Pereira

Code of Practice

CMPA’s activities are governed by the Chairperson and Executive Committee. All members are encouraged to participate actively in the running of the Association by attendance at meetings, by making a personal contribution wherever possible to activities such as research projects, seminars, etc and by generally promoting the name and work of the Association.

  • Members must comply with the CMPA Code of Practice, which defines the obligations of a Professional Meeting or Event Organiser and his/her relationship with clients, and sets up an accepted standard of professional practice.
  • CMPA members have a general duty of fair dealing towards their past and present clients, fellow members and the public.
  • CMPA members have a duty to act prudently in all financial and legal matters and to protect their clients’ funds by acting in a professional manner at all times. Unless otherwise agreed between the parties, clients’ funds should be separately identifiable at all times in the running of an event.
  • CMPA members shall be free to represent their capabilities and services to any potential client, either on their own initiative or at the request of the client, provided that they do not seek to persuade the client to break an existing contract with any other CMPA member already serving that client.
  • CMPA members shall not engage in any practice nor be seen to conduct themselves in any manner harmful to the reputation of CMPA or the reputation and the interests of its members.
  • A member firm shall be free to accept commissions from persons other than a client, in connection with services for that client, provided they are not prejudicial to the interests of the client.